Rendezvous With Destiny


What is this project about?

Yeltsin Penado uses ARMA 3's Eden editor to create a multitude of fantasy WW2 narratives that blend historical accuracy with an immersive online experience. This game while an online experience is also being turned into an animated WW2 film. This is a fictional story which aims to combine historical accuracy within a video game environment.


I am creating a WW2 Film through the use of a video game called ARMA 3. ARMA 3 is a video game designed to simulate warfare. I have curated a selection of community-made modifications which consist of WW2-themed characters, weapons, vehicles and environments. I work to alter these environments to create a fantasy WW2 setting for my film. This will be a WW2 film and Video-game which tells a dynamic story which you can also experience on your own through purchasing ARMA 3 and downloading my files.

I consider this a Video Game and a Film - I use a combination of ARMA 3's suite of editing software and community sourced game modifications. I am using these assets to tell a narrative which draws inspiration from historical events. In this experience/film you experience major WW2 battles through the eyes of fictional characters.

The main goal of this project is to release a Campaign for ARMA 3 - it is currently in open development in which players can provide feedback and help improve the experience. This has an anticipated release date in 2024.

This game has +500 downloads on STEAM!

All media produced has been altered - Images, Pbo files, videos, promotional material is published by Obfuscate Media (see Annotated Bibliography - coming soon.)


ARMA 3 is the premiere Military Simulation experience available on computer. "ARMA 3 sends you to war!" - ARMA 3 is a computer video game which simulates realistic warfare. It allows players to create their own environments, uniforms, weapons and scenarios.

ARMA 3 is a Military Simulation video game. This video game is capable of presenting collaborative (or competitive) online experience. ARMA 3 Eden Editor is a software which allows me to use a form of Key-Frame Animation to produce films alongside interactive experiences.

What is Eden Editor?

ARMA 3's Eden Editor can be used for designing both single player and multiplayer scenarios within this video game. Eden Editor allows players to design their own stories using the native programming language SQF.

Eden Editor is found within ARMA 3.


There are many reasons I decided to choose the WW2 theater in ARMA 3 to create an immersive game play experience. I recreated the entire Band of Brothers series through Arma 3. 

Image Description:

Early Hours of June 6th, 1944: D-Day - 101st Airborne Prepare to parachute behind enemy lines into Normandy France. Matthew Baker will fight through the night to link up with his platoon which is scattered across the area.

Image Description:

June 6th, 1944 - German Company of soldiers fire artillery on landing beach landing zones.

Image Description:

June 6th, 1944 - 2nd Rangers prepare to land on Omaha Beach.

Image Description:

German Sniper holds position inside a Church.

Image Description:

D-Day German Reconnaissance Company

Image Description:

Germans prepare to invade Stalingrad.

Image Description:

101st Airborne link up to secure bridges near Holland - Market Garden, September 1944

Image Description:

German troops fire upon American held positions - Market Garden, September 1944.

Image Description:

101st Airborne prepare to parachute - Market Garden, September 1944

Image Description:

101st Airborne link up to secure bridges near Holland - Market Garden, September 1944

Image Description:

Burning Windmill - Hell's Highway, Netherlands 1944.

Image Description:

Airborne Troops try to stay warm in a destroyed church - Bastogne, Belgium December, 1944.

Image Description:

Bastogne, Belgium 

Image Description:

Foy, Belgium January, 1945



Context: This story line follows the 82nd Airborne Division.

CHAPTER 1: Orglandes D-Day

CHAPTER 2: Assault on Le Bray D-Day

CHAPTER 3: Action at Colleville (D-Day +2) Golden Unicorn Award 2023

CHAPTER 4: Hill 30 (In Development)

CHAPTER 5: Nijmegen 

CHAPTER 6: Hell's Highway (planning phase)

CHAPTER 7: Battle of the Bulge

CHAPTER 8: Siegfried Line (Proposed)


Context: This story line follows the Wehrmacht - The Wehrmacht are combined arms of the Nazi German Army.

CHAPTER 1: The Battle of StalingradTreasure Award 2023

CHAPTER 2: Operation Bagration 1944 (Ukraine)

CHAPTER 3: Desert Fox - The Fall of Tobruk, Libya 1942

CHAPTER 4: Battle of Crete 1941 

CHAPTER 5: Kursk (In Development)

CHAPTER 6: Normandy (In Development)
CHAPTER 7: Warsaw Uprising (In Development)

CHAPTER 8: Battle of Berlin (planned)


Context: This story line follows the Soviet Red Army through dramatic victories.

CHAPTER 1: Operation Barbarossa (Poland) - Planned

CHAPTER 2: Kuban, Crimea

CHAPTER 3: Ivachev Ukraine

CHAPTER 4: Staszow Poland

CHAPTER 5: Finland - Soviet conflict - Summa/Leningrad


ACT 4: FINAL CAMPAIGN (title to change)

context: A mixture of battles from different factions and missions

CHAPTER 1: Easy Red: Omaha Beach

Chapter 2: Caen

Chapter 3: Hill 400

Chapter 4: Invasion of Yugoslavia

Chapter 5: Oosterbeek