Golden Arches, Sketch-up and MovieStorm 2022 (ongoing)

Golden Arches is a 3D rendering of a McDonalds restaurant. 

I have previously explored the concept of "Fast Food" and it's effect on American labor.  I have produced animations in which an 3D animated psudo-Yeltsin works as a Shift Supervisor at a fast food restaurant. Golden Arches is a culmination of a series of establishments which were produced: McDonalds, Taco Bell, Starbucks and a Liquor store. 

I explore the idea of minimum wage labor - projecting ideas from personal experience working at fast food restaurants. The employees express a vague understanding of their job. They drink while working, and are generally apathetic towards customers, cleaning standards, and their job as whole. I animate personal experiences - Angry customers, long lines, drug use behind the counter, insects, robbery and internal theft. 

I am interested in the idea of the Fast Food worker and the effect of low wages and and endless cycle of discontent.

Full interiors are rendered in a realistic manner with menu items created with the aid of Artificial Intelligence using NVIDIA CANVAS and Dream Textures on Blender. These images are used as advertisements and were produced by feeding specific information to the computer. 

I explored two outdated applications to produce this work: Moviestorm and Sketch-up 4:

Moviestorm: MovieStorm was a popular 3D animation tool released in 2008. It allows users to create sets, actors, and film short sequences. MovieStorm has the capability to be modified - Sketch-up 4 is a popular Era-Specific tool for modding MovieStorm. There aren't many tutorials in creating mods for MovieStorm so much of this project is self-taught.

Sketch-up 4: Sketch-up 4 could only be downloaded by locating old files through a forum. Google has since removed this version from their official website to make way for their current online offering (which is incompatible with MovieStorm.) Once downloaded the application had limited instructions, but came as the full version. This version of Sketch-up allows the user to sculpt items and add textures from their computers to create 3D objects which can be exported to the .SKP file format which works with MovieStorm.